Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Stepping Up

In life, each of us has a desirable destination. Planning and preparation determines how and when you arrive there. The eventfulness of the journey depends on your travel companions. So, choose them with discriminating taste. Be a well-informed traveler.

Se7en Steps to Rep the King
1. Reclaim your name – I am whatever God says I am
2. Walk with expectancy – God told you to, “Walk this way”
3. Refrain from blessing blockers – You’s a blessing blocker, mad at me…”
4. Talk with consistency – He said it, mean it, so bite your tongue for no one and shout “God’s unbelievable!”
5. Remain in His will
6. Do with excellence
7. Proclaim God’s glory

To grow thyself, you must know thyself. It’s time to focus on what God has called you to do, not what everyone else is or isn’t doing. Stop being nosey and go and get God’s glory.

Today’s male doesn’t need a remix, he needs a Hemix. The “He” they need to add to the mix is God. It’s time to be a man. Be a man of God.

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