Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Metaphysics of Sex with Alexyss K. Tylor

By S-Dot for The S-Dot Files

Let’s keep it 100: relationships these days can be…complicated. The ‘don’t dos’ and ‘how tos’ can be confusing. With so many choices it can be so damn…complicated. Discovering your power will enlighten you to make more conscious choices. It doesn’t have to be…complicated.

It’s time to learn the Metaphysics of Sex. Stop f*cking around and start empowering yourself. Recognize the true power that exists within you. The Metaphysics of Sex is an empowering experience that will provide you with insight to help get to the next-level of your relationships in love + life.

On April 10th 2010 Alexyss K. Tylor unleashed the next chapter of her movement to empower singles and couples with her NYC debut lecture the Metaphysics of Sex. The city has been buzzing ever since…

No matter where you are on your love + life journey it’s important that you be empowered with information that transforms your thinking and doing to move beyond the love-blocking and life-limiting beliefs that are keeping you from truly experiencing the true power that exists within you. Tired of dating and mating with the wrong people? It’s not them, it’s Y-O-U that needs to remix the way you view relationships.

Keeping It 100 with Alexyss: “When you are taught to be in the third dimensional realm of low-level f*cking, porn f*cking. You want to f*ck like a porn star or you want to out f*ck or out suck somebody…you are in the very low destructive level of sex. That’s not what sex is about. We’re taught that sex is about pleasure, ejaculation and sex gratification. But we have not been told how incredible, magnificent and special we are.”

On July 10th 2010 the Vagina Power diva returns…that’s right it’s time for The Summer of the D*ck. Yes, it’s time for Penis Power!

Here’s a peek of what to expect…

( ( ( sDOTtv ) ) ) now playing The Metaphysics of Sex lecture April 10th 2010

Penis Power…Do you know the true power that exists within you? That’s right Alexyss K. Tylor of the Vagina Power movement will be coming to NYC on July 10, 2010 with musical guests Raye 6, Cocoa Sarai and Mia Miata with music provided by Supa Nova Slom to unleash Penis Power! Don’t miss it…THE SUMMER OF THE D*CK is here!!!

RSVP: for the July 10th 2010 experience today!!!

Join us this Friday, April 30th @ 10 pm - midnight (EST) on The BOOTY Call Show with S-Dot for "Being Precious" featuring the incomparable Ms. Alexyss K. Tylor. Call-in at 347.308.8527 early because the lines will be full. Click by and listen + chat LIVE. Tell a friend to tell a friend. This is a DON'T MISS EXPERIENCE!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is Your Mama a Ho?

By S-Dot for The S-Dot Files

WTF NEWS: Dallas Cowboy’s first round draft pick Dez Bryant was asked by Miami Dolphin GM Jeff Ireland if his mother was a “prostitute” because she conceived him as a teen and spent 18-months incarcerated on drug-related charges. WTF!

In my hood, if you go in on somebody’s mama like that you’ll get chin-checked.

According to sports commentator Skip Bayless, “no question is out of bounds,” because “these franchises are risking millions and millions of dollars on these kids.” Isn’t a “kid” a young goat? WTF!

( ( ( sDOTtv ) ) ) now playing Dez Bryant “From the Auction Block (Draft)”

Why is it necessary to continually make reference to his “upbringing” as if because he’s had a hardknock struggle that means he should be “extra” thankful that they’re going to make millions off him playing ball on their damn plantation!

Interestingly enough, while commuting this week I overheard an Anglo-Saxon remark to a Black woman on the subway about her child, “He looks like he’s very strong. He’ll probably grow up and play basketball or football. Look at those calves and arms on him. Yes, he’s a natural born athlete.”

Of course he didn’t expect me to ask, “Why can’t he grow up to be an engineer, doctor or college professor?” The look on his face was priceless when the mother said, “Yes, why can’t he?” WTF!

He quickly got up and exited the train at the next stop without saying another word.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Do Something!!!

By S-Dot for The S-Dot Files

In response to the overwhelming outpouring of support for the support of the FREE APRIL GRIFFIN movment here are a few information links for you to DO SOMETHING!!!

Here's links to the Time Magazine articles Keep in mind that this reporters account is from the perspective of the officers and he DID NOT interview April or her family, although he claimed a retraction would be printed to clarify the details. We're still waiting...

TIME MAGAZINE 10/8/08 Article: Sad End to Milwaukee Child Custody Case

TIME MAGAZINE 12/19/07 Article: When Motherhood Gets You Jail Time Pt 1

TIME MAGAINZE 12/19/07 Article: Choosing Jail Over Joint Custody Pt 2

Contact: Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D-Wisc): 4043 N 19th Place, Milwaukee, WI 53209-6806 (Milwaukee-Waukesha, WI Metro Area), P: 414.444.6160

Amplify the volume of this effort and make your opinions known by calling Senator Moore who has sadly been silent on this. She's been aware of this effort for the last 2 years and done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and was quite suprised to begin receiving calls yesterday. Let's turn up the heat people - FREE APRIL GRIFFIN!!!

Let us pray: We call upon the Spirit of Liberation to shine the beacon of truth at this hour of darkness. We call upon the Spirit of Righteousness to loosen the ties that bind our sister April Griffin from the snares of her enemies known and unknown. O’ Holy Spirit indwell our sister with the strength and fortitude to endure the cowardly attacks of her oppressors. Rise up O’ Spirit within her to give her the courage to continue to not just fight, but to prevail over adversity.

Sister Ieshuh has been proactive in getting feeding the grassroots initiatives to bring awareness to the plight of FREE APRIL GRIFFIN to the forefront of conversation. Sister Ieshuh is actively engaged in the struggle of liberation beyond merely hiding behind the fa├žade of activism. She is in the crosshairs of the efforts to FREE APRIL GRIFFIN!

Link with the FREE APRIL GRIFFIN movement:

Friday, April 16, 2010

Free April Griffin!!!

By S-Dot for The S-Dot Files

This video speaks best about the plight of sister April Griffin who is currently incarcerated for "custodial interference" because she refused to give the physically abusive father of her child access to her son. April has been railroaded into prison and her child has disappeared with the court granting custody to the deadbeat dad - who isn't even a U.S. citizen. WTF!!!

That's right, watch it for yourself.

( ( ( sDOTtv ) ) ) now playing The April Griffin Case: Get Involved!!!

Join us this Sunday, April 18th @ 6 p.m. (EST) for "Tell Them Why You're Mad" which will feature an interview with Sister Ieshuh who is April's sister to learn how you can get involved to FREE APRIL GRIFFIN!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

You're Not My Wife!!! R-U-N for Your Life

By S-Dot for The S-Dot Files

If she's C-R-A-Z-Y that's not SEXY or COOL.

CASE IN POINT: I know a young man that engaged in sexual roughhousing with his live-in girlfriend who “liked it rough.” He failed to properly discern that she had unresolved sexual trauma. This was foundational for her desire for choking, hitting and abuse during sex which she was socialized to perceive as being pleasurable. This guy was never particularly comfortable with this and mentioned his discomfort she belittled him as being “less than a man” and claimed a “real man would love it.”

Finally, one day when he tried to end their relationship, he found himself in handcuffs.

She waited until after a ‘breakup’ sex episode and then contacted the police to file a report. Imagine that.

On this Friday's show we'll be talking about how to spot the warning signs that she might be more than just a 'drama queen' she maybe C-R-A-Z-Y, that's right she may actually have mental problems that need to be dealt with and resolved before you try to take that relationship to the next-level.

Join us at 10 p.m. - midnight (EST) for "You're Not My Wife" with S-Dot & Friends. Call-in 347.308.8527 to share in this life-saving conversation.

Beware of those who hide behind texting and other forms of alternative communicating. This is usually a tactic used by a black widow to lull you into a false sense of security. They’ll typically text, e-mail or message you constantly to consume a lot of your time. If you are needful of attention, you will misconstrue this as healthy, but it’s actually a ruse. Pay attention!!!

Whenever conversations about man abuse are had there must be an interjection of woman abuse in the conversation, why is that? This is an indicator that the seriousness of this crime is still being framed through the eyes of others. As men, we have to take charge of this dialogue that affects our liberty and quality of life pursuits. It is absolutely appalling to see this passive-aggressive form of sexism that is disguised as activism. Let’s stay focused on the topic at hand.

Asking the right questions will enable you to determine if a potential partner suffers from a Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Do not get caught up in the physicality of the Law of Distraction.

Listen to the way she describes her past relationships. Does she have baby daddy drama that she plays a significant role in? Perhaps she uses her children as missiles to wound her ex. Beware of those who simply won’t let the relationship end. If you’ve been clear things are not working out and this person continues to try to use sex or other methods to manipulate you into remaining in contact with them – be careful.

Document your contact with them. Save e-mails, texts and IMs on your hard drive. Keep a journal. Make certain to share your concerns with someone else who can later corroborate your testimony if necessary.

Don’t glean without your jeans. That’s right don’t let sex obscure the true view of who you’re dealing with. Until you’ve determined this person brings added-valued beyond the volume of their voice – don’t engage in intimacy.

WARNING SIGN – she watches you sleep and when you awake demands to know what you were thinking about.

If you or someone you know has been 'chick slapped' don't tolerate it. Get out of that relationship. Don't let that person undermine your manhood with threats of violence. A REAL man saves his life, not throws it away. Get help. R-U-N for your life!!!

Got Chick Slapped? Call 800-799-7233 (National Domestic Violence Hotline) - It's confidential and it may save your life.