Friday, May 15, 2009

It's Deeper Than Fact...Rick Ross the Pied Piper of Rap

This week’s blog is an exclusive Hall of Shame case study which illustrates how you can go from a bragger to being accused of having bootleg swagger. The subject of this investigative piece by The S-Dot Files is William Leonard Roberts II, known by his rap alias Rick Ross.

Ross has sustained several character questioning blows, the latest of which has Louis Vuitton blowing him up about wearing knockoff shades bearing their emblem on XXL’s “Rick Ross Up in Smoke” cover. Ricky’s preoccupation with bling has blinded him to the reality that his pockets don’t match his ‘$10 millionaire’ swagger, so he’s been known to rock knockoffs and bootleg the styles of others.

Ms. Tiallondra Kemp, the mother of William Leonard Roberts III, son of rotund rapper Rick Ross has put him on full blast. Her baby mama tell-all memoir, “Deeper than Rap” bears the same title as the Miami wordsmiths latest album, which debuted at #1 on Billboard, selling a measly 158,000 copies.

Rick coveted Tia the Liberty City native of the infamous Pork-n-Beans Projects whiles she was still an incarcerated man’s wife. The inmate’s wife stealer wooed her away with the false promise of the finer things in life. Of course this appealed to her after growing up in the 763-unit housing complex in a single-parent home, disenfranchised with a father sentenced to 40 years in prison. Rick recognized that as a representative of the very same system that locked up her father and former husband is how he ensnared her.

What she ended up with was his namesake William Jr. and him disrespecting her on Youtube for all the world to see.

In several recent media interviews Tia shares, he hasn’t seen his son since he took the truck back in January from the parking lot at their child support hearing. Rick also disregards texts from his ex. The mother of William Jr. says, “You ain’t got to talk to me. Holla at your son.” The rich deadbeat, has also been accused of not paying his child support for the last two months. “He ain’t sent a check or nothing.”

To counter and refuge these scathing charges, the fake Louis Vuitton wearing rhymer will likely have to provide copies of cancelled checks. Baby mamas everywhere are ramping up support of Tia against deadbeats globally. Ricky is really making a lot of around-the-way dudes in the hood catch heat.

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Yes, it’s Deeper than Rap…
Brooke, his first baby’s mother’s daughter saw the clip of her having sex online. Now, even Tia’s son wants to see the video. Just imagine the shame and horror.

Selling Out…
The former corrections officer has three #1 debuts on Billboard. Last year’s “Trilla” sold 198,000 and 2006’s “Port of Miami” sold 189,000 their first week. This makes his latest album which should’ve debuted with no less than 300,000 in sales from all the publicity generated by his high-profile beef with rap titan 50 Cent a commercial flop. His newest album “Deeper than Rap” sold 158,000-175,000 (depending on your source), and those first week sales fell 68% the second week.

By contrast, 50 Cent’s first name “Curtis” sold 691,000 its first week and folks called it a flop. Clearly, the public has let this recession lull them into thinking that a difference of 516,000-533,000 in sales is not a huge difference. Duh!

Officer Ricky used to pat brothers down and strip search them for weapons and contraband. He closed their cell doors and locked them in cages like “mooonkeeees” as he loves calling people. His zookeeper-like taunts are proof of his need to get over himself. He makes catchy music, but it’s not that serious and he could be forgotten. He’s yet to make anything memorable enough for the type of noise that’s always coming out of his lying mouth. Fat boy should’ve just wrapped and not said a word with all the issues he’s got.

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PLAYER ADVISORY: If you’re going to pick up the bat swing it player. Otherwise you’re going to be labeled a lame for swinging for mediocre scribes. Officer Ricky gives out-of-breath quickies and can’t wear out the booty. That’s a bad look.

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LISTENER OBSERVATION: Rick calls this radio host “my brother” repeatedly, but calls 50 Cent “mooonkeee” like a Klansman.

Switching sides: “It’s not about who sells more records.” (???) Then when he’s reminded by radio host that this is “business of music” he says “of course it is.” LOL

REAL TALK: From now on, Officer Ricky should be required to an ‘Oath of Truth’ before he begins all interviews since he’s got butterfingers with the truth. Otherwise the streets should mute out all statements made by this individual regardless of how catchy the musical backdrop. Remember, the Pied Piper lead young impressionable minds astray the same way.

The former corrections officer needs to practice corrective discipline when it comes to compulsion to lie because of his lust for money, power and respect. His anger and greed had led him to attach himself to people that feed his pride without checking his ego. Just looking at his body is evidence of his inability to watch his mouth.

Rick is greedy for the attention of others besides his children. He is lustful for the accolades of strangers and discards the love that others who’ve been duped by his lies have shown. In the eyes of many of the broken, battered and disappointed women in our communities, he epitomizes the ‘trapped man’ a brother imprisoned within the status quo.

The reason Rick is not a $100 millionaire is because he fails to address his liabilities and recklessly squanders his assets. He’s all flash and no cash. His fear of our ability to vet his past has lead to his compulsive lying campaign which he calls a media tour. Officer Ricky in each ensuing interview continues to show that he suffers from verbal diarrhea.

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Reality Chin-Checking…
Officer Ricky constantly says stuff like Dr. Dre should holla at him. He says he’ll end the beef if 50 “pay me to write his raps, and Dr. Dre give me five beats.” But if he’d just listen to Dre’s music catalogue, he’d find his own answer in tracks like “Deep Cover” and “F*ck the Police.”

Note to Officer Ricky: Dr. Dre doesn’t mess with the police.

A Man in Denial…
To claim of William Jr’s mother Tia, “this is a woman I was never personally attached to. I took it like she was an actress for a day,” is sad commentary. He had sex with that woman without a condom, now he was never personally attached to her? You can’t get any more personal than that. One day his son will be able to Youtube and hear his father deny his mother. This dude is serious not thinking long-term.

And then to claim that he hasn’t watched the video featuring Brooke, saying “of course I haven’t watched the video” the mother of his first child is downright ridiculous. He goes on, “For the record: I don’t know a Brooke.” Who would not look at the evidence against them in the public court of opinion? That is just an asinine statement to make.

Speculation is that he’s a Laurence Fishburne-like ‘Deep Cover’ operative working within the realms of music to build cases against street organizations. Word on the street is that Officer Ricky comes around burning trees and asking who’s got “that” in order to entrap them for the Hip Hop cops.

Tale from their Tapes…
William Leonard Roberts II (Rick Ross) worked at a jail and Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) has done time in a jail. And since prisons and COs don’t get along… Curtis’ street life lead to him getting five shots by rivals, William’s fabricated life has him pretending he shot at least five of his rivals. And someone took the movie ‘Deep Cover’ a little too serious. Both have adopted the names of street legends. 50’s namesake is deceased and Rick’s is witnessing his name die daily.

Big Willie sure loves to be silly, and really has slippery fingers when it comes to the facts. He embellishes nearly every word that comes out of his mouth. His confidence makes you want to root for him, but then he keeps talking and you end up just wishing he’d shut his pie hole.

Bootleg Swagger…
In hip-hop eyewear is also know as ‘swags’ so for Ross to be caught on the cover of XXL wearing fake floss LV glasses is embarrassing. Particularly, since the luxury brand sent a letter of clarification to the hip hop publication notifying the streets of yet another lie from embellishing rapper. The LV brand spokesperson said in a letter to clarify several points to the magazine: “The first is that the sunglasses Mr. Ross is wearing were not made by Louis Vuitton and, in fact, are counterfeit. Louis Vuitton did not grant permission to Mr. Ross or to whoever did make the sunglasses to use our trademarks. The second is that no affiliation, sponsorship or association exists between Rick Ross or XXL and Louis Vuitton. The third is that counterfeiting is illegal.” Ouch!!!

Officer Ricky’s undoing is William Leonard Roberts II. His truths keep coming to light.

So, on that note let’s check out some comedy that Officer Ricky has inspired in the blogosphere. Enjoy!

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With Rick's Deeper than Facts (lol).

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Are You OBSESSED With Me?

By S-Dot for The S-Dot Files

This message was inspired by the movie OBSESSED which totally freaked me out because of its familiarity. It is not my intention to offend any person or persons actually struggling with being OBSESSED. The S-Dot Files believes in engaging in real talk, with real people about real things, so we encourage you, the much-appreciated reader to share your thoughts and comments.

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In college, I too was OBSESSED with one of my professors. She was so intelligent, cultured and F-I-N-E. During her lectures, I swore she was looking directly at me through those cute, nerdy librarian-like glasses. We often made eye contact, and I would imagine that wedding ring disappearing off her finger.

I dreamt about her. Yes, those kinds of dreams that led to me imagining... So, I scheduled bogus appointments just to be in her presence. I did all those strange things that usually lead people to file restraining orders.

I even failed her class 3 times on purpose! Yep, I was OBSESSED with her. It’s funny now, but at the time it was really weird.

Are you OBSESSED with me?

I’ve experienced a number of OBSESSED people (yep, a few dudes too) that thought they “loved” me, but were merely seeing the image of me that they created in their own minds. Having been stalked by a few OBSESSED women in my lifetime, these days I’m very guarded when it comes to dating. There are some truly disturbed individuals out there that are suffering from all sorts of physical, mental and spiritual afflictions that impair their ability to develop healthy relationships.

One OBSESSED person began virtually stalking my online friends from myspace and imeem to facebook and youtube trying to infiltrate closeness and intrude in conversations that they had nothing to do with. I often noticed them making comments or e-mailing, texting me about who left me a comment on my social network pages. And then, they’d pretend they were “just playing” when I pointed out how OBSESSED they appeared.

Are you OBSESSED with me?

Perhaps you’re so OBSESSED that you’ve right-clicked (copied) my photo to your desktop and use it as a screensaver. Maybe you even tell yourself, and others, that we’re having a “relationship” even though I’m totally clueless about it. That’s so weird and creepy. And now being OBSESSED has led you to behave in a clandestine way to glean any useable information to advance your fantasy of us being together.

NEWS FLASH: It’s not going to happen.

I don’t care how crazysexy you are, being OBSESSED with me is not cool.

1. You visit my page to read other people’s comments (also means your nosey).
2. You then visit their pages to read my comments to them (you’re really nosey).
3. You use my photo as your screensaver (that’s really creepy).
4. You have printed out photos of me near you in your office or at home (whoa!).
5. You believe that “God told you” you’re my wife (but He doesn’t mention you).
6. You masturbate to images and thoughts of us together intimately (ewww…).
7. You think everyone of my blogs is written about you (that’s egotistical).
8. You get upset when you see photos of me with other people (I do have a life).
9. You have photos of my face glued onto photos with you beside me (wtf!).
10. You think my purpose online is to communicate with you (that’s so Kanye).

TAKE IT EASY Whitley Gilbert. Relax. Relate. R-e-l-e-a-s-e.

I’m not mad at you. God has made me GodSexy. It’s His favor that you’re actually drawn to. He’s such an awesome B.I.G. Poppa, and really knows how to remix a man. You should holla at Him too.

Now, sis you just need to re-channel that energy, productively and constructively.

If my virtual presence is dominating your everyday real life, you need to begin abstaining from looking at images of me; and start looking at men around you that exhibit the qualities you find desirable about me. It’s an ‘I want one’ crush. I get them all the time. Trust me, you’re really not that into me – it’s the concept of me that you’re into. I’m a handful. I love me and even I can’t stand myself at times (lol).

Reality check: I live in NYC. I’m not likely going to be moving to your state, and it’s probably not a good idea for you to move to mines. If that is meant to happen a great deal of real talk will have to happen before that takes place. Simply leaving a few comments, texts and e-mails won’t cut it (at least for me).

1. I talk a lot. No, seriously – you have no idea.
2. I have the attention span of a three-year old most of the time.
3. I am really moody and sometime-ish.
4. I read and write all the time. It’s cute at first, but then…
5. I require continued reminders about my tardiness and grumbling.
6. I am obsessive compulsive about hygiene.
7. I lack discipline in stores that sell things that I don’t need (gadgets, etc.).
8. I will refold all the laundry and straighten the cans. Yep, I’m that guy.
9. I am overly protective. Again, it’s cute at first, but then…
10. I am pursued by a lot of women OBSESSED with me.

Delete my photos from your hard drive.
Stop pleasuring yourself to thoughts of me.

Thanks for clicking by F-R-I-E-N-D.

S-Dot aka William

WIFE-PIECE ADVISORY - Hey future wife-piece, I’m not OBSESSED with you, I’m just so looking forward to when I’m BLESSED with you. I’m focused ma. When I finally meet you, I’ll already be in love with you, because I just know you’re the bomb! I hope you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing, and ready, willing and able to be in love with me too. We are going to be so GodSexy together! In the meantime, and in between time, I’m working on my William swag, learning how-to be a real friend, to real women, that are GodSexy, intelligent, beautiful and deserving of all that God has for them. God bless you Joans.

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I L-O-V-E You woman!!!

S-Dot publicly shares his private struggles with relational intimacy to equip, encourage and empower everyday people, just like you, to get up and get over the strongholds to finding real love. Yes, his blogs are very transparent, but that’s because he’s focused on helping others heal, not inviting people that are OBSESSED to fixate on him. That’s so not cool.