Friday, March 22, 2013


By S-Dot for The S-Dot Files

Generational depression is running rampant today. Many people who are often perceived as having a lot of “potential” are experiencing extreme bouts of sadness which they are unable or unwilling to share with others. With so many distractions (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to preoccupy their time this generation is becoming more disconnected from resources that can help stop their hurting. Are you depressed?

Here are a few signs of depression:

- Find yourself focusing on other people’s lives more than your own.

- Constantly negatively comparing yourself to others and feel like a failure.

- When you see someone accomplishing something you verbally attack them (“He/she thinks they’re better than…”) or spread malicious gossip (“I heard he/she…”) to contribute to conflict.

- Smoke or drink yourself to sleep and/or awake to smoke/drink to get your day started.

- Six-pack turns into a keg or 40 oz (you are abdominally challenged).

- Find yourself consumed with television programs or video games.

If any of these signs sound familiar it is highly likely you are suffering from depression. You should reach out and get help today.