Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Break the Spirit of Depression, today!

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As this day goes down in history, there will be some that will see the outcome of this days events adversely.
The seeds of depression will be sown into their lives.
They will suffer regret and disappointment because their candidate of choice did not win.

We must not be insensitive to those who held out hope and came up short.
Let's not add to the stronghold of depression in the lives of others. Let's not gloat. We must come together in the spirit of unity as a community, like Israel in the days of Nehemiah and begin the process of rebuilding the walls of our great nation. First at home, and then in our neighborhoods, and so forth.

Today, America...tomorrow wherever God leads.

This is a bittersweet for me.
I am honored to be able to cast my ballot for my candidate BARACK OBAMA but I also recognize that JOHN MCCAIN, even if I don't agree with his politics is still a man who will suffer hurt and loss in the coming days.
He will be visited by the spirit of depression.
Let us lift up petitions to heaven for healing and restoration to the MCCAIN/PALIN campaign in the days ahead.

OPEN THE BOOK Take a few minutes to study and meditate on the following two scriptures today: Romans 12:2 (bounce back from living in lack); 2 Corinthians 10:4 (empowered people).

NOW A MOMENT OF WORSHIP Let's, rejoice in His Presence.

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Now, let us reflect back on a snapshot that frames the importance of this historic day in history.
Let us revisit the candor, integrity, humble heart and inspiring words of BARACK OBAMA just a few weeks ago in August.

( ( ( sDOTtv ) ) ) A Tribute to Change | Barack Obama’s DNC videography introduction

( ( ( sDOTtv ) ) ) The Dream Becomes Vision | Barack Obama’s historic DNC speech 8-28-08

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This issue of The S-Dot Files is dedicated to the memory of Shakir Stewart, Executive Vice President of Def Jam records who tragically took his life this past weekend in his Atlanta home at age 34.

SHAKIR STEWART was a Mover and Shaker responsible for signing and supporting such artists as Young Jeezy and Rick Ross

Break the stronghold of depression in your life, today!!!

I pray that God brings healing, restoration and deliverance upon the Stewart family in this hour of testing, trial and tribulation.

R.I.P. Shakir Stewart

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