Friday, April 10, 2009

Kanye Goes to Metox @ Last!!!

Here's Kayne's ALL CAPS response on his blog.

NOTE TO KANYE: An ALL CAPS blog is still obnoxious. CAPS are only to be used to make a specific item standout. If you think every single syllable you tweet and type should be ALL CAPS you definitely have some work to do in METOX. I pray that you continue to "get over yourself."

Oh, and dude please STOP endorsing those DAMN skinny jeans your entourage loves to rock its looks very Christopher Street (see how I used those ALL CAPS). Real men will never embrace androgyny no matter how catchy the soundtrack is. In the hood, we've implemented a new term to replace "no homo" are you ready... "no Kanye". So, "get over yourself" fast homie.

And, "You're so DOPE Kanye." I said that, because I know you were probably having an ego meltdown if you're reading this... Which I know you are strangely enough (smile).

Now, if South Park could just put Officer Ricky...ooops, Rick Ross on blast and make him "get over" himself so much would be right in the world.

He's really embarrassing himself bad. He's right his issues are 'deeper than rap' they need therapy. Somebody please give this brother a METOX today! Puh-leeze.

Oh, almost forgot: Officer Ricky, the hood also has a term for guys that claim to be the "boss" love to floss and treat the mothers of their children like dental floss - stop rossin'

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