Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Peep Game - New Episode

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What it do peops?

Had a very lively show this evening on BlogTalkRadio the topic was "Peep Game" and weighing in was my dude filmmaker/music producer Kenny Dynamite Hassell, as well as author, speaker and empowerment coach Hasheem Francis, my joan (homie) Kiran and 2wo (one of the divine 9ine women that taught me the guiding principles of my life). She also overshared my business (lol).

The conversation was pretty interesting. Click by and listen into the archives (episode #6 yourself), also "When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong" (episode #5) and "The Ex Factor" (episode #4) are worth checking out as well. Share your thoughts and feedback and thanks for listening.

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My co-host Ms. Indi the FemBot just put me onto this DVD a few days ago. It sounds pretty interesting.

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A life-changing, provocative book, EXPOSING THE GAME introduces the “secret” rules to those that have been played. With man-to-man talk, brotherly advice to women, EXPOSING THE GAME is perfect for couples just getting started or trying to make sense of the mess they’ve made of their relationships.

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