Tuesday, May 1, 2012


By S-Dot for The S-Dot Files

“A discipline I have observed is an attitude of love and reverence to people.”Bessie Amelia Emery Head (7/6-37-4/17-86)

Discipline [dis-uh-plin] is pursuing and doing absent recognition. It is self-determination. Discipline is getting up at the crack of dawn, throwing on a tattered hoodie and well-worn sweats to hit the pavement for that much needed cardio. Not waiting until the gym is filled to run on the treadmill adorned in a high-end sweat suit and over-priced athletic shoes. Discipline is about being focus when all eyes aren’t on you, knowing that at any given moment all eyes might be on you. It is about self-conditioning. Discipline is preparation with the expectation that anything and everything can and/or may happen at any given moment. It is about being ready, able and willing to not just react, but also to be proactive when necessary.

Discipline turns a deferred dream into a preferred destination. It is affirmative answer to a call-to-action away from distraction. Not just talking about problems, but walking with purpose towards a solution. Discipline isn’t hitting the snooze button. It responding to the wake-up call and eventually rising up before the rooster.

Discipline isn’t just about calculated, calibrated regimens; it encompasses adaptability for growth and development. It is being ever-learning and always discerning whatever the circumstances. It is a corrective process of training towards gaining constructive output as the result of productive input.

Discipline is liberation from stagnation and procrastination.


For the next 21 days challenge yourself to become disciplined in your inner monologue (self-talk) and outer dialogue (conversations) with others. Stop referring to yourself as a __________ (n*gg* or b*tch for instance).

This might sound simple, but if you’re accustomed to addressing yourself in this manner, it’s likely others around you do as well. In fact, for the first 24-hours jot down in your journal the amount of times you hear others around you using this term. On the second day, take a moment to reflect on how rampant this phraseology is in your life. Now, I encourage you to become disciplined in the words you speak.

CAUTION: It is highly likely you will NOT be able to do this on the first attempt. In fact, most people have shared it took up to 5 or more attempts to even get through the first 7 days. Do Not Be Discouraged.

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