Thursday, May 29, 2008

Have You Surrender to God?

Are you resisting the wonderful things that Father God desires to do in your life?

Stop frontin’. Even if you can’t keep it real with me, keep it real with you. Has God given you a glimpse of some awesome opportunities, but you find yourself hesitating and fellowshipping with the failures of your past? Welcome to the club. For a season longer than I care to remember, I was just like that. I held onto doing things my way and Father allowed me to wallow in a prison of misery and mediocrity.

It was like being in ‘purpose purgatory’.

I knew God had called me to greatness, but I was afraid because I had spent my life being prone to lateness. I was always “a day late, or a dollar short.” But then one day while going through some CDs to download to my laptop, I came across R. Kelly’s “U Saved Me” album.

Yes, I know brother Robert has had some moral failures and challenges. Yes, I know that he’s done some things that make many of you cringe. But guess what? He’s still a child of God. He still stands in candidacy of the sacrificial gift of Christ.

All God is waiting for him to do is surrender.

Have you surrendered to God?

Please take a few moments to download and listen to this song (or Youtube it) and allow it minister to you. Whatever your situation is in life, God just wants you to surrender and give it to him. I can’t preach to anyone about where they are or aren’t in life with all the nonsense that I’ve done getting to where I am. Lord knows I’m nowhere near where God desires me to be either. It’s a process. But truly, with all my heart, mind and soul…I surrender.

Let us pray: Father God, as Your sons and daughters we come to You in our brokenness with openness asking that You lift us out of furnace of failure and replenish us with the Living Water. Lord God Almighty, we’ve tried to do it our way, and it hasn’t work. O’ Most High, we know that You are Yahweh, the Way of Truth, and from this moment we desire to surrender our lives to You. We can’t do it without You Lord. You are the Knower of all things. You are the Giver of all things worth having. Father, as Your prodigal children we say to You that we want to come home. Indwell us with the Holy Spirit, wash away our sins of omission and commission with the Blood of our Lord and Savior Yahushua (Jesus) Christ the King, amen, amen, amen!

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