Monday, December 22, 2008

Apparently, these boots will make me the "coolest dad in the entire world ever!" Hmmm...sounds like I'm being played (smile).


For this blog, I wanted to share this word from my brother in Christ, Rev Will Lee. This brother was instrumental in bringing me to my current church home at EBC. He was the intercessor that prayed for me that day in December 2004 when I stumbled into the sanctuary grief-stricken over the brokenness that imparted onto someone that use to sing in EBC’s choir. I came to apologize, and God introduced me to Rev. Lee.

I am eternally grateful that he let me weep and wail all over his lapel and hasn’t made of fun of me about it since (lol). Good look Rev Lee.

It’s bullet proof B.K. love! Brooklyn Stand Up!!!

( ( ( sDOTcast ) ) ) now playing Rev Will Lee “His Momma & His Disciple!” (Ai the Ministry) – Jersey City, NJ – John 17:41

Ai the Ministry
Rev. Will Lee, Senior Pastor
701 Route 440 South
Jersey City NJ 07305
Phone: 201.414.2416

If you or someone you know in New Jersey is seeking a church home, I highly recommend Ai the Ministry. This planted congregation of EBC is growing and remains uniquely connected to the community as a preaching and teaching fellowship that speaks with authenticity.

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