Friday, January 23, 2009

Being William

BLOG ADVISORY – This blog is not suitable for those stuck in fakeness. It is intended for those desiring to growth in their sensuality maturity through real talk, about real people doing real things.

“Love empowers…lust devours” – S-Dot

What’s good peops,

For this blog, I’d like to share these clips and my commentary. I find each of them interesting and thought provoking. As I continue to go into manhood beyond maleness and the scales of lust are being replaced by visions of love, I feel led to let each of you know that you too deserve authentic love. Let’s stop living our lives like they’re stolen, and start being open to who God has chosen for each of us. I’m tired of blocking my helpmeet blessing by settling for bootlegs.

I’m an advocate for ‘keep it real media’ so with that in mind I’d like to share this video clip with you from “TrasherTV” which I love to watch online. Check them out sometimes.

( ( ( sDOTtv ) ) ) now playing TrasherTV “Cake Baker Episode 3”

A FRIENDLY REMINDER: Watch your social portfolio. Don’t just engage and interact with anyone. Hanging out with doubters or those that refuse to win can lead to failure.

( ( ( sDOTtv ) ) ) now playing Girlfriends “Trick of Truth, Season 2”

To my girlfriend Joan (y’all stop fighting to be my Joan…lol),

Hey girl, I know sometimes you will fall down. But, I want you know that I’ll do what I can, as God allows making sure you get back up again. It’s never too late to get back up. No matter where you are and what happens to you. Get back up so that God can get the glory.

Your friend William (1-4-3)

Okay, now it’s time to speak to my other friends the Smashing Hump Kings too…

Hey boyfriend (it’s sad I have to make this disclaimer put here it goes – no homo),

Tired of making booty calls? Tired of settling for some other guy’s sloppy seconds? Hooked on hooking up? Check out this clip and if you see yourself then it maybe time to reexamine the choices your making. I know that I’ve done most of these things when I was “playing myself” as a player.

( ( ( sDOTtv ) ) ) now playing “We Need Girlfriends Episode 9

Your friend the 40-year old re-Virgin (1-4-3)

The appetizer to a sensual relationship is developing authentic communication that’s based on love and not driven by lust. So often as men and women trapped in male and femaleness, we function in our physicality by our mental whims and end up spiritually separated from God.

( ( ( sDOTtv ) ) ) now playing Summer & Seth “Virginity Pt.1”

Friends, you are worth waiting for. Don’t rush to disaster. Slow down and enjoy the process of being in love.

Proverbs 4:23 says “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”

What issues are flowing out of your heart? Your depression is often tied to your obsession with possessions. Your anxiety rests on your anguish. Guard your heart. Desiring love, but feeding your heart lust will lead to emotional cardiac arrest. Don’t clog your relational arteries with the cholesterol of compromise.

My heart beats with expectancy for the season awaiting me…godly love.

1 John 5:4 guides me in inspiration to overcome the lust of world with faith in the love of God. In Matthew 12:34 His Lordship spoke of abundance coming from our hearts, which is why heart is abundantly filled with love for those that are unsaved.

There are principalities at work to hinder my personal growth and development. Choosng God didn’t take me off the enemy’s hit list. In fact, it just moved me up a few spots. I don’t deny that I’ll continue to have lust attacks. That’s part of the tribulation experienced by anyone within flesh. What I do is acknowledge the power of faith to overcome all adversity be triumphing for love.

Lust is untrustworthy. It is unpredictable. When it gets hard, it can’t make responsible choices. When it gets wet, it gives in to the moistness.
“From the book, “OVERCOMING the BOOTY: Breaking the Sex Hex

I wish you a GodSexy love…S-Dot


Tanine M. said...

Hi William

That made me cry. Thank you. You help me to get up when I'm down.

With Love Joan

Bklyn Babe said...
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Bklyn Babe said...

More women need a William in their life, and not a wolf in friend's clothing - to tear them down.
Think it's called: Edification.

And even the "William's" of the world, when ya'll can be too much at times for us women...., full of pride or despair... ya'll too, needs some real Girlfriends that can set you straight.... and help fix imperfections on your plate.

And both can shape each other up, with love & cheer, and challenge each other to be better in this hemisphere.

Mom XoXo

PS... I could not watch these video clips, each was like 10 mins long, are you serious? Im at work. Lol...