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By S-Dot for The S-Dot Files

Hot 97’s Angie Martinez is a very personable, charismatic radio host that knows how to win over her guests and listeners with her infectious laughter and vibrant enthusiasm for all things hip-hop. She brings a refreshing breath to the airwaves with her The Angie Martinez Show that airs daily on the Emmis Communications station in New York.

Here’s a transcript of his exchange with Angie on Wednesday, January 13, 2010.

The Carters came out to support Angie Martinez at her Sunday, January 10th birthday bash

Jay-Z on matters of faith to Angie Martinez on Hot 97: I really think it’s really silly. You know…umm…I of course believe in God. But I believe in one God. You know…if people must know my religious beliefs, I believe in one God. You know…I don’t believe in religions. I don’t believe in Christians or Muslims, I think all that separates people. I think it’s one God, I thinks its all the same God, and I don’t believe in hell. But as far as God, of course I believe in God. Am I a part of a type of sect or cult? That sounds stupid to me, it’s like ignorant to even say. And um…I guess that will be the last time that I address that.

Jay-Z on being a member of the “unseen hand” of power on Hot 97: Yeah right here there’s the Mob Squad (Young Jeezy & Trey Songz who along with him form the “Three Amigos”), Roc Nation is the gang. But as far as…I can’t even get into a golf club in Palm Springs, I’m from Marcy Projects. Imagine, I mean just think about that. (Q: they wouldn’t let you in club you think?) Of course not. How? I mean, people that control the world and you know…

Jay-Z on the belief that there is an “unseen hand” of power on Hot 97: I think there’s friends. I think there’s cliques of friends who control things. I don’t know if it’s a devil worshipping sect. I think that’s a little Tom Hanks. But, I believe there’s a cliques of people that control the world. Like if, you know (Young) Jeezy’s my man, y’all got Atlanta, I go down to Atlanta I got that thing. You know and…if he come to Brooklyn, I got that thing. I go to Virginia…that’s just natural process. I’m sure Obama has his people that you know, everything is good (A: that he rocks with). Yeah. But as far as how far people are taking it… I guess I’m an entertainer.

The March 10th tour date for the Nassau Coliseum has already soldout. Tickets for the March 2nd Madison Square Garden show go on sale Friday, January 15th. Jay-Z (the other S-Dot) has invested in the Fela show which inspired him when he saw the show a couple of times. “I haven’t met one person that went only one time.” Fela is the dearly departed, beloved pioneering Afro-Beat legend who is world renown for his creative genius.

Jay-Z, the other half of the $122 million earning Carter Administration (along with wife-piece Beyoncé) according to Forbes' 2009 list laments, “People make up their own things and they just run with it.” The “comic” in him finds people’s fascination with his personal beliefs hilarious. Jeezy jokingly deadpans and admits that he’s “in” the “money gang” with Jay-Z.

Having previously experienced some collaboration beef with R. Kelly on the Best of Both Worlds: Volumes I & II, Hov is looking to take the Mob Squad project with Jeezy & Trey to the next level of “positivity” with their tour and forthcoming studio efforts. He points out his tour successes with Mary J. Blige, DMX & the Ruff Ryders, Method Man & Red Man, 50 Cent & G-Unit as his willingness and ability to produce a commercially viable vehicle.

The 25-year old, Grammy nominated Trey Songz is on his 3rd album, Young Jeezy is 5 years into the legal paper chasing “game” and on his 4th album under the House that Russell Built, Def Jam imprint. Each of them is a fan of not just the music, but of the movements that it has enabled them to individually create opening up the doors for their collective efforts on the Blueprint 3 tour. Each will play their positions on the tour: Jeezy brings the streets; Trey brings the youth energy and the ladies and Hov as the elder statesman solidifies the legendary status bringing that megastar wattage to the building.

( ( ( Just Thinking Out loud ) ) )

Where were the prophetic utterances prior to Tuesday’s earthquake in Haiti? Nowhere to be found. Of course they’ll come of the woodwork afterwards and try to cut & paste their theological ramblings to this tragedy now, but that’s just another sad commentary on those who have placed themselves in position of being the “faith mob” of religion. None of us is above or beyond reproach. Each of us will have to answer for our life pursuits. Let’s stop all this nonsense speculating about other people’s spiritual journey, especially since most of us have specks in our own eyes.

NOTE TO LAME CITIZEN JOURNALISTS (I mean "bloggers"): Youtube is a site that ANYONE can post practically ANYTHING to. That content is only vetted for pornographic content, etc. You can basically say whatever you want about anyone and someone with too much time on their hands and no life will believe it. WHY? Because they have no life. DO YOU ALREADY!!!

If this man is going to hell or any place else, that will be determined by the Most High, not you. You can try to hide inside your religious doctrines like the very Pharisees that Christ railed against (interesting isn't it...) or you can follow the example of Christ and come out and walk among the everyday people speaking in a common language to point them to the Most High. WAKE UP and stop being "so-and-so said" puppets for your pastors, imans, rabbis and other spiritual leaders. Your faith is YOUR responsibility. Seek God for yourself first and foremost, stop being misled by ignorance and bound in prejudice because you refuse to wake up. You are plugged into the Faithtrix that has rocked you asleep. WAKE UP...THE TRUTH RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE!!! Stop waiting for God, because God is waiting for you to WAKE UP!!!

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