Saturday, October 2, 2010

Community of Faith Shook by Sex Scandal

By S-Dot for The S-Dot Files

BISHOP EDDIE L. LONG IS CHARGED WITH…Breach of pastoral relationship as a “sexual predator,” fiduciary misappropriation as an “unfit agent” of an organization, false representation characterized as “exploitive propensities.”

Bishop Eddie Long is said to have a history of singling out students of his Longfellows Youth Academy for sexual gratification. He’s accused of conducting “covenant” ceremonies with his “Spiritual Sons” to consummate his intercourse with them. During these candle-lit ceremonies, Bishop Long is said to use scriptural citations and bestow jewelry upon young males that are have father hunger.

Among his three accusers are 21-year old Anthony Flag, 21-year old Maurice Robinson and 23-year old Jamal Parris.

In 2001, Jamal Parris and his mother joined New Birth Missionary Church. Within two weeks of joining the mega congregation, Bishop Long gave Parris his personal cell phone number and encouraged him to call him. The lycra wearing Bishop was a charismatic presence with his tight-fitting shirts. Upon hearing of Parris’s disappointment with his father, Bishop Long offered to “protect him and never let another man hurt him like his father did,” according to court documents filed by Co-Counsel(s) Brenda Joy Bernstein (Georgia State Bar No: 054904), James (Jay) Sadd (Georgia State Bar No: 622010), Katherine Ventulett Hernacki (Georgia State Bar No: 727027).

During the 2004-2005 school year, Long began wantonly requesting Parris remain after service awaiting in his private office. He is said to have also taken Parris to his guesthouse on Snapfinger Road to engage in oral sodomy (“salad tossing”), sexual massages (“hand jobs”) and other sexual activity. En route Long would engage in fondling and oral sex with Parris requesting to be called “Daddy.” Long took Parris on trips to Arkansas, Charleston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, New York, Orlando, San Francisco, Honduras, Nassau and Trinidad where they shared rooms overnight.

Here's a photo of Bishop Long which he is supposed to have sent Parris

Bishop Long is also accused of engaging in sexual activity with other New Birth parishioners, employees and pupils of Longfellows Youth Academy.

In 2009, Parris began dating a woman and distanced and separated himself from Long. In June 2010, he reached out to his “Spiritual Sons” peers to determine the extent of Bishop Long’s inappropriate activity. Witnesses to his relations with Long include Andrew Momon, Antonio Render and April McGlaughlin.

In addition to being subjected to public scorn and ridicule, Parris’s injuries include severe emotional distress, mental pain and suffering and adverse physical conditions. Parris is seeking punitive damages against Bishop Long, New Birth Missionary Church and affiliated parties.

Bishop Long has responded to these charges, “I feel like David against Goliath. I have five rocks and I ain’t thrown a single one.”

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