Friday, December 24, 2010

Hit the Mute Button

By S-Dot for The S-Dot Files

Is this the Do-Nothing Generation? Are today’s young people so dumb down that they’ve lost their will to fight against injustice? Perhaps all that time misspent playing video games, updating their status and trying to get their swag on has resulted in the most socio-politically disconnected generation ever…

As Sophia Stewart the Oracle who wrote The Matrix says, we must “reverse the polarity” on the liars who spread untruth. Speak truth to power. Do not remain a victim simply because you’ve been victimized. Once you learn of your affliction begin the process of healing by revealing your truth. Walk in that truth. Personify the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

A cipher is a circle consisting of 360 degrees. 3 + 6 = 9 which is the number of months from conception to birth through the chamber of creation (womb). This represents the circle of life. When someone takes on the name “Cipher” they are declaring that they are complete. They have been birthed and brought to fullness. They have raised themselves to ‘new life’.

The issue with DJ Cipha Sounds (aka Luis Diaz) is that he is a complete sellout to those who gave life to what he calls a career. He has used his “sound” platform to demean women who are the matrix of creation. To have someone whose name metaphysically represents the “womb of amplification” speak death against life givers is an unpardonable sins against the co-creators of what we call life. We cannot allow his utterances to go unanswered. He must be called into account for the damage that he has inflicted upon the gateways of young women by speaking death. This crime against our people cannot, will not go unchallenged. He must be dealt with in the most constructive manner so that we others might learn a productive principle. You cannot speak death against life-givers.

Cipha Sounds must be muted. His platform must be disconnected. He must be dismantled.

In the movie The Matrix the character Cipher betrays his comrades. He sells them out because he cannot face reality. Even though they’ve placed themselves in harm’s way to give him new and true life, he makes a deal with the machines to become a modern-day Judas. Why? He wants to be plugged back into The Matrix, which is an “alternate” reality. He wants to avoid the truth for fantasy.

Similarly, Cipha Sounds also wants us to swallow the “blue pill” of indifference. He thinks that he can pacify us with cleverly worded apologies to silence the cries of life-givers. Cipha thinks that we will forgive what is unforgiveable. We won’t.

Cipha Sounds has misused his frequency to amplify a death vibration. His negative words can possibly kill a generation. Everyday, he broadcasts misinformation from above on the airwaves into the impressionable minds of our precious young people who are below seeking guidance. Cipha has been assigned to convert them into dumb people.

Unthinkers. Robotic doers. Machines.

We must resist the machine makers. He is an agent that adds to the chorus of dissension against the Black family. His unfunny jokes add to the insanity that has taken a stranglehold on disenfranchised people of color. He is an agent of disinformation. We must not make light of this reality.

RBGz Up!!!

((( sDOTtv ))) President Obama Disses Cipha Sounds

WHAT CAN YOU DO?If you’re a concerned citizen raise your voice. Amplify your thoughts in the blogosphere. Create a webpage. Call your local representatives to get them involved. Update your Facebook status with links to Youtube clips about the ongoing efforts. Bring together people in your community to discuss strategies to inform others. Pick up the phone and talk to others. Text them updates. Send out email blasts. Record podcasts and tweet links to your social networks. Get the word out. Create flyers and bulletins to post in the lobby of your building and distribute at local gathering places (bus and train stations, malls, etc.)

LET’S PUT THE PRESSURE ON…Don’t be silenced. Do something. Get involved.

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