Thursday, August 28, 2008

Apologetics 101 for Real People

One of the most practical truths of the Fellowship of Faith can best be illustrated by an example culled from everyday life. For instance, people that are living in defiant rebellion often say to me, “How can God allow…?” whenever they’re faced with some avoidable tribulation in their lives. This sort of folly use to leave me tongue-tied because I couldn’t fathom how they were blind to the obvious – it wasn’t God’s will it was theirs.

A loving Father God can allow His disobedient sons and daughters to perish, the same way your employer will lay you off or fire you for failing to produce the work that you have been hired to complete. If you don’t work, you don’t eat. If you want to be blessed, you have a lifestyle of blessedness. Not sit around with your handout and your middle finger extended towards high heaven when you want and don’t receive your way.

Stop acting like God owes you something. He’s already given you life, yet you want to spit in His face with spoiled-brat arrogance ‘doing you’ trying to chase the freedom (which means being “free to make dumb” choices) offered by the world instead of getting FREE by following the Christ illumined path of the Way of Truth.

Let us pray: Father God, grant me the resolve to stand firmly on Your precepts in and out of season, overcoming humanistic rationalization and ungodly reason. Make me an all-seasons saint that shines light a beacon of righteousness among the aints. Remove from me slothfulness, pride, gluttony, vanity and all cardinal offenses against the Way of Truth. Chasten me to break any yoke formed that You have willed to not last, bring it to past. Give me the strength to endure all losses filling me with Your Presence, as I stand in the gap as Your child. I lift up this petiton in the Name above all names that is His Lordship, Yahushua (Jesus) Christ, amen, amen, amen.

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