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John McCain: Debate Dodger?

By S-Dot for The S-Dot Files

Hiding behind cowardice, disguised as patriotism won’t shield the fact that John McCain has no viable solutions to our current economic crisis to debate about. Since he is a man out-of-touch without a grasp on what’s going on, he wants to suspend the debate and deny the voting public an opportunity to hear his views on this urgent matter. His suggestion to forego the debate is not something that should be viewed as heroic; it is surprising for someone that loves to beat the war drum. But I guess if you have no ammunition, you don’t want to come brandishing that gun you’ve been waving around to scare folks with those malicious ads.

The “calling onto the carpet” of Oval Office seekers Obama and McCain by Bush into a bailout huddle deprives us of an opportunity to use this time to constructively weigh the evidence that each candidate claims to have.

John McCain: debate dodger?

He’ll show up with his guns blazing for conflict, but he needs to reload when it comes to putting his mouth where his venomous ads have spread deception.

John wants to have a meeting instead of talking about how he can start defeating the challenges to our economy. He’s clueless, so he’d rather go and daydream in the White House rather than talk about and answer his 26-year record of non-accomplishments.

When Obama called McCain to have a bipartisan conversation about the issues, and he then dishonorably turned around to commit to a course of action without giving Obama a courtesy call, he wasn’t showing leadership – he was demonstrating debate dodging.

Since he doesn’t have a plan he wants to play kick the can. More distractions less action that show results – he’s still the same John McCain.

This Hail Mary pass on debating the economic crisis doesn’t undo the reality that John McCain only has silence to answer with to what NBC News political director Chuck Todd called “the economic 9-11” on MSNBC’s Hardball.

He didn’t consult the Presidential Debate commission before making a decision for everyone, that’s not the qualities of a statesman; it’s the attributes of a cowardly bully. One pundit made a scathing comment on MSNBC’s Hardball, “you have to be able to walk a chew gum.” And I agree. Whenever McCain’s campaign is off-message he tries to smokescreen. He did after Obama’s historic address with the announcement of Governor Palin. He’s an expert at changing the subject when people want to talk about things that actually matter.

This is typical John McCain, not change – it’s more of the same.

He’s not a risk taking maverick, he’s a career politician past his prime trying to use hocus-pocus magic because he’s at risk of losing this election. Let’s not allow him to continue to fool us with his stunts. How is someone that’s been on the political trail for months outside of the loop in Washington that’s been critical of this Administration going to swoop in solve our current crisis over a sit down? He’s not, and he knows it. This is posturing, trying to control the conversation because he’s got nothing to say.

McCain Tutorial 101: No documentation loans have sunken our mortgage lending sector and contributed to destabilizing our economy.

Where was John McCain while this was going on? He was in Washington doing nothing. Senator McCain wants to come into an already in-progress conversation in Washington and look like he’s a final-hour hero. He wants to take credit where no credit is due. This is political stunting, not crisis confronting. Those that are familiar with the situation are tasked with dealing with this crisis, as the public, we want to hear the facts as each candidate views them.

John McCain owes a debt to the American public in the form of a debate.

Here’s what happened:
8:30 a.m. Obama called to discuss key point in a joint-statement
2:30 p.m. McCain calls back to discuss the economic crisis
3:05 p.m. McCain goes public suspending the debate without consensus

In the middle of an economic crisis John McCain’s response is “fire” the only person that can be ultimately held accountable.

Campaign manager Rick Davis received nearly $2 million to lobby on behalf of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from 2000-2005 as reported by the New York Times.

MY 2 CENTS: If government seizes control of the marketplace then we’ll no longer be a capitalist economy. This is a free market society, and municipal influence to the degree that this bailout is calling for should alert us to being mindful of what’s being agreed upon. Let’s not just take on a debt that we can’t afford to repay, or that will result in our losing the ability to remain competitive in the global markets as Americans.

With candidate Palin, the GOP is hoping that a strategically crafted picture is worth a thousand votes, which is why they’ve prevented an exchange of words with the out of the loop politician while she brushing up on national issues.

We need an executive leadership model that brings a new perspective on the antiquated policies that have thrown our economy under the bus with partisan politics and in-fighting. We need a leader that knows how to build coalitions and not just someone that wants to topple over all opposition. Many of our allies today were once adversaries. That’s what diplomacy is about, being able to reach beyond a narrow perspective that encompasses the bigger picture.

John McCain is a loose cannon. We don’t need another cowboy in the White House that wants to conduct our global business with a gun in his hand.

McCain’s “boycott” of the debate is a bait and switch tactic very familiar to anyone that earns their living in public relations like me. At an hour when he was experiencing slippage in the polls, he needed a publicity stunt to refocus attention on him. He threw himself in front of an already in-progress deal to reposition himself as the broker. The agreement isn’t about presidential politics it’s about bipartisan interests coming together on one accord for the greater good of the economy.

It comes as no surprise this morning as I was writing this that he did a final announcement that he was resuming politics-as-usual and would attend the debate. The truth is he never intended to not attend in the first place. He could not afford such a costly tactical snafu as not showing up when the country is calling the candidates to come forth with leadership plans and strategies.

John McCain…more of the same, it’s time for real changeBARACK THE VOTE!

What’s all the fuse about?
( ( ( sDOTtv ) ) ) now playing The Rachel Maddow Show “Suspension of Belief”

McCain Media Highlights
August 29, 2005 when the levees broke in New Orleans and we were in a national emergency crisis he didn’t put our “country first,” he appeared that evening , which also happened to be his 69th birthday celebrating with cake and George Bush. Meanwhile Americans drowned surrounded by sewage. Where was his concern for national emergency interests then? Perhaps because he wasn’t losing in the polls for presidency, so he didn’t find it necessary.

And just in case you need to be reacquainted with Hurricane Katrina take a gander:

You’ll notice that John McCain does not appear anywhere in this montage.

February 28, 2007 he announced his candidacy for the presidency of the United States and you couldn’t get him out of the spotlight, he was stumping on all media fronts.

How can you tell John McCain is not telling the truth? He says, “I, John McCain approve this message.”

Smells like presidential politics…For the GOP to misuse the influence of the Oval Office so blatantly is yet another sad demonstration of this Administration’s willingness to do whatever it desires to get the results that it deems acceptable.

Having not even read the Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson’s agreement, John McCain conveniently ”suspended” his campaign, which continued to run ads and use surrogates to stump for the ticket. Yet, the maverick didn’t parachute in until after the agreement was already announced for a photo-op at the White House.

Reality check: John McCain you are not John Wayne.

As a citizen of Alaska, Governor Palin feels inherently qualified on foreign policy matters since she can see and read about what’s going in the world. By this rationale, you don’t have to have any actual experience if you live in the neighborhood that can “see” the borders of a foreign power (????). This woman is crazier than crazy with that leap of logic.

The Russians are coming…
Sarah Palin just like John McCain is someone that loves to wage war. She’s on record as saying she can practically see the Russians from the third floor of her house. What? She now sounds creepily similar to Haley Joel Osment in the supernatural thriller the “Six Sense” who said, “I see dead people.”

Real-talk: The FICO score of our economy makes us globally a bad-credit risk to lenders.

When the elected members of the congress and senate sat down for six days examining the proposed bailout, John McCain was still “approving” smear ads. He didn’t take that time to even sit down and read the mere three page proposal; he was too busy “approving” messages to distort the facts.

The worn out, battle-weary looking McCain appears old and out of touch in contrast to the photogenic, media-savvy Obama. When you put “country first” you take the time to read a 3-page proposal to get us out of a crisis. You don’t talk about going in with your guns blazing without even knowing what’s going on. John McCain is a political brute that lacks the necessary diplomacy to get things done. He’s not a consensus builder. And that’s not because he’s a maverick, it’s because he’s out of touch with the pulse of the people.

His political meddling by creating these theatrics only muddied the waters. Since he’s been out of the loop in Washington since April it only makes since that he stay the course of the battle in front of him, instead he’s ogling the fixtures in the White House looking for placing to hang his war medals.

John McCain’s ego is a thorn in the GOP’s side and it needs to be pulled out.

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