Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Worship Wherever You Are In Life


For this blog, I’d like to do something different. Since many of you can’t attend the weekly TOB Fellowship Bible study for yourselves, I thought the next best thing to do is to recreate the worship experience within a blog. I’d like to invite you to experience the Presence of God for yourself. Through words, sounds and sights – you can have your own personal experience with Father. This blog is inspired by the many of my friends that are still searching for a place to fellowship. I know it must be difficult to desire to be surrounded by those who nurture, encourage and support you through the strife of day-to-day life. Without the gift of a family of faith, life can be quite difficult. Know that I am praying for you in this season and looking forward to hearing you sharing that praise report.

So, perhaps this humble expression of faith can serve as inspiration for you to reach beyond your comfort zone and allow God to truly lead you to where He desires you to be.

( ( ( Here’s How It’s Going Down ) ) )
**** Read each paragraph before the ( ( ( sDOT ) ) ) media players and then close your eyes and allow the songs and music to minister to you. When the clip is over, continue reading. *****

Somebody reading this maybe feeling like your life is out of control and you no longer have a hold of the promises of God, but I want you to know…He’s Still in Control. Don’t talk, just listen.

( ( ( sDOTcast ) ) ) now playing Kirk Franklin “Still (In Control)”
15 Still (In Control).wma - Kirk Franklin

Now, I’d like you to prepare your hearts and minds for an impartation of the Holy Spirit. Let’s focus our thoughts on the throne of His grace. All eyes are focused on the prize of the Eternal King of kings.

Let us pray: Father God, we thank You for being so absolutely incredible and unforgettably fabulous. We thank You for those times when You came through and in our excitement we absent-mindedly forgot to give You the honor and glory You so deserve. Thank You, thank You, thank You, O’ heavenly Father.

There is of course someone that doubts the very Presence of God. Their eyes are closed to Him because of the hurts and disappointments of life. I want to encourage you to allow God to simply be God in this moment. Don’t resist the Holy Spirit. Lift up your hands, open your heart and let your lips speak the words to heavenly Father… He Will Take the Pain Away.

( ( ( sDOTcast ) ) ) now playing Kirk Franklin “He Will Take the Pain Away”
02 He Will Take the Pain Away.wma - Kirk Franklin

At this time, I would like to invite every voice to come forth to joyfully praise how great He is.

( ( ( sDOTcast ) ) ) now playing Juanita Bynum “You Are Great”
04 You Are Great.wma - Juanita Bynum

As you depart, I’d like to leave you with this song of encouragement to remind you that whatever the situation or circumstance that no matter where you’re from, God will meet you there to take you only where He can take you.

( ( ( sDOTcast ) ) ) now playing Anthony Hamilton “Come From Where I’m From (LIVE)”
04 Comin from Where Im From [Live].wma - Anthony Hamilton

You are invited to share this worshipful experience with your family, friends and those in need of peace, hope and deliverance. Thank you for taking this opportunity to join in this celebration of the Presence of the Lord. I am honored that you joined me.

God’s favor upon you,

“Where He leads…I follow”
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