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Almost Perfect


I just clicked by my friend's page to leave a comment of this video and it then I actually watched it, and had some thoughts to share...

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A few years ago, I dated a woman that was the cats meow to hear my dude tell it. Oh, don't get it twisted --- she was a wife-piece. Accomplished. A six-figure investment banker. Intelligent. Socially outgoing, well-versed in the comings and goings in Gotham and globally cultured. She drew all eyes whenever she stepped in a room. The wattage of her beauty radiated even brighter because she was so unaffected by it.

Our birthdays were one day apart. We shared so many commonalities that to all that encountered us they simply said, "Wow, you two are so good together." Not just people we knew either. Strangers. We'd walk down the street and tourists would stop us in midtown and tell us, "You are going to make beautiful children." And I agreed. Did I mention how all caps F-I-N-E she was?

Now, to make it even more interesting she came from a moneyed family. Not just a few bucks. Moneyed as in, "Hey, if you two get married, we'd like to buy you a $2 million duplex as wedding gift." So, as I was saying my dude swore she was the cats meow....

Let's take a videoclip break. Go get a cup of something, this might be a minute --- Hey, The S-Dot Files it's not just a blog, it's an experience (smile).

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Okay, let's keep this going (you're welcome K.I.M. - lol)

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So, as I was saying...I had this F-I-N-E woman, yet I still couldn't commit to her. Why? Because I was intimidated by the reality that she was everything that I prayed for. PERFECT. I was absolutely terrified. She could finish my sentences. She understood, supported and corrected if necessary my motives.

Oh --- she did not do cooking. Hey, ALMOST PERFECT.

Let's what another videoclip. What will Whitley do? Is she really going to married old boy? Mama Carroll is so F-I-N-E ain't she?


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I’m going to keep it real talk in the hopes that someone will recognize that they could be making better life choices. Let me begin by saying, I am not perfect, period. I have many flaws. The biggest of which is recognizing when I have flaws. However, I’m growing in coming to a greater knowing of true self.

There are some ties that bind families generationally. In my family, womanizing is a well-practiced pastime of those who provided my education on relationships.

For years, my “boys” and I thought being a “man” was playing hump and dump with women. So, I focused the bulk of my time and energy on beguiling women. I had the magic stick. So, I learned to manipulate, misuse and abuse them for my pleasure and then discarded them.

One fated night, I got out of bed and screamed at the top of lungs, “God, I need a remix!” I was sick of worrying about getting that sickness that everyone doesn’t talk about, but has nightmares about. And I was tired of being tired.

I was addicted to booty. It had me jonesin’ hard. And I felt the “sickness” was stalking me, just a condom break away from being like those smiling idiots on those posters, “living with HIV/AIDS.” I watched so many people I know get it and die. It began to grow closer to me and that fear led me to reexamine my addiction to booty.


I spent 31 years of my life consumed with sexuality which has given me a broad range of knowledge on sensuality from a practical, social, spiritual and scientific perspective. My indulgences in flesh as an avowed hedonist led me to becoming a lust conjurer. Someone that is able to beguile and bewitch others wielding the power of lust craft for self-gratification.

Someone skilled in this area is used by the enemy to coerce and tempt others to embrace compromise as a lifestyle. A person that adheres to this paradigm of intimacy will be highly adept at using various methodologies and philosophies to advance this agenda.

Getting to bottom of the situation

When a player wants to strike it rich they’ve got to master the combination to unlock the pleasures of the “vault.” What is the vault? The Uterine Fornix (“Fornix Uteri”), which is often called the “bottom” and is commonly known as the “arch” that divides a woman’s vagina between the anterior (front) and posterior (back) walls.

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So, what happened? I broke up with her because we were not equally yoked. She was a Muslim and I'm a Christian. Her family wanted me to convert back to the faith of my youth, but I was not on the same page theologically. She wasn't active in her faith, but this was a deal breaker for her parents, and I held firm on my part.

We continued to date while she tried to show me the 'benefits' of being a man that could have all that he desired. A beautiful wife. Wealth. But, no Christ. At least not with the reverence for Christ that I have. A respect. An admiration. A profound appreciation, but not someone that would run into a church like Dwayne Wayne and scream, "...Baby...will you? I love you and if you'll have me..." And then I would scream, "I do!" But that Christ thing... I broke the deal.

Lord, I know the wifepiece you have for me is worth waiting for.

Shout to those with that Dwayne Wayne swagger that will go get who God has ordained for them...

Divine favor!

S-Dot is a personification of an example of God's transformational ability to remix a person. He lived for the world in the entertainment industry for two-decades, until his up-close and personal 'Damascus-like' experience with God. Today, he burns with an unquenchable passion for presenting the practical teachings of the Word of God with everyday relevance appealing to those seeking transformational change through the Way of Truth.

An anointed writer, inspiring creative visionary, and empowerment coach, S-Dot is currently slated to debut "OVERCOMING the BOOTY" a relational intimacy handbook for those seeking real love over lust in the spring of 2009. Also, he's gearing up for the "Man of Purpose" tour in support of The S-Dot Files' appearances on the "The Leading by Achieving Conference" and various other events in partnership with the Real Dads Network.

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