Monday, February 16, 2009

Join the OVERCOMERS Movement

( ( ( Peops Advisory ) ) )

"You can't have a movement standing still" - S-Dot, from Volume Two: "Reset the Atmosphere"

What's good?

The Dot Team
is slated to begin production on the cross media campaign for the 1st book, OVERCOMING the BOOTY: Breaking the Sex Hex in the next few weeks and I'd like to involve my myspace, facebook, youtube, etc. fam in the process. Here's what I need:

1. Individuals interested in participating in 10-minute segments of the one-hour call-in interview program. You will be sent a PDF-formatted excerpt from the book so that you can generate a question to be addressed by S-Dot and a panel of relatonship counselors.

2. Individuals in the NYC tri-state area who would like to appear on-camera in the in-studio audience for the 20-minute segment spots for one of the 12 chapters. There will be a total of 14 spots filmed, but each person may only be featured in one. You will be sent a listing of filming dates and locations.

3. Individuals interested in joining the ( ( ( Got Buzz? ) ) ) collective our online virtual street team helping spread the word and generate feedback via social network platforms - myspace, youtube, facebook, etc.

4. Individuals skilled in the areas of web 2.0 (social media) production to create and disseminate dynamic content across multiple platforms. Must provide active links to completed projects.

Please send all inquiries of interest to:

Thank you,

The S-Dot Files


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