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Meet the Mad Blogger...He's Pretty Mad

Well, as a social media mogul I'm often contacted by individuals that seek to promote whatever they've got going on or whatever. You know the Rick Loss' (not a typo) of the world. So, of course I know that sooner or later one would show up...

Ladies and Gentlemen...introducing the Mad Blogger (he's pretty mad)

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Okay, for those of that haven't read the recent blog, Thieves in the Temple click by and check it out. Here's today's comments being exchanged. Yep, it's getting crazy.

Thieves in the Temple

SYNOPOSIS: In the following exchange S-Dot find himself embattled by an individual that has been very vocal about his issues with organized religion - Christianity and Islam. He's an adherent to the 'do me' religion and practices me-ology, the science of self-mastery. His held beliefs are that we each can pillage and plunder whoever we want as long as we want because even "our book" (as he calls it) says we are "gods".

Enjoy!!! (warning - he's pretty pissed off - no really, he is... LOL)

Wow..!!! ok... let's get some facts straight.. Kundalini Energy - Yes.. Serpentine...yes I'll gladly take that.. "For it says in your book.. I think it is Matthew 10:16 (behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: BE YE THEREFORE WISE AS SERPENTS, AND HARMLESS AS DOVES.).. Also in Psalm 82:5-6 (They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course. 6. I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. )... ok.. what is my point you ask???..Well if the serpent is so bad or the "Devil"..why would "Jesus(God) Christ(Teacher)" use it... that would be a strange thing to tell people to take on the attribute of an adversary..wouldn't it???.. WITCHCRAFT??? first you have to define it.. if you want to be real about it.. if you were to jump back in time when there were not such things as airplanes, cars, electricity, natural medicine..and brought it to medi..Me Devil) Europe.. the priests would have had you burned alive at the stake like Joan of Arc..just FYI.. I use Joan of Arc as an example because it was mainly women (and also those who used their feminine principles WISELY (there is that serpent again) which are Thought, Creativity, Communication, Compassion..just to name a few..were persecuted for being "heretics" against the same religious organizations that are still around today..even your boy "Jesus Christ" was persecuted for going against the church.. (Judaism, Catholics (which is the father of Christianity), and many other similar denominations..that existed at that time.. the modern day people of these religions are now celebrating the "DEATH"..of a man/god who came to help the people out of the darkness..not die for the "sins" of anyone.. especially for the unborn 1000's of years later.. Truth is not is relative.. for example can we live on Jupiter or any of its moons (not all moons look or have the same attributes as ours)..probably not.. but is that to say there isn't life living on them..absolutely not.. or what they worship as "GOD" is wrong??..that would be totally foolish..wouldn't you think?? We as human beings (gods in the making) are ignorant to fact that we are not alone out here in the universe.. what maybe good for us is not necessary good for someone else living out there in the cosmos.. to bring it back to earth..we are all a microcosmic aspect of what is above..thus the expression "As above so below"... and don't knock the true ancient Egyptians (or correctly the people of upper & lower KMT) them and the Ethiopians and you can see where Christianity and other religions originated.(but that's just my humble opinion)..their civilization predates all European cultures by 10's of thousands of years..(I'm going out there before the year is over...a necessary trip for me..).. I'll just say this..if what you say and "preach" is your truth.. so be it.. who am I to say you are wrong.. but to say you are absolutely right is wrong..and that those such as myself who have a different "view" of life..GOD/Divine giver of all life-forms.. are wicked.. and witches and LOST.. does not say much for the "Christian way of thinking".. or maybe it does.. I recently was in a conversation with a young Christian woman..who was upset with her Deacon Dea(-n.Goddess) con(-adv negative or against) (Oppositon of feminine principles of GOD)..that some young people were not allowed to sing at young people's gospel show because they were not "saved".. this is not the first time I've witnessed such peculiar situations in the world of religion).. is this to say all church goers are bad or lost people.. no way.. but you have to take the good and the bad... what I find to be my truth..many use it for selfish and "evil" purposes.. just like you know some preachers within your religion know nothing about GOD..but love that congregation offering basket.. to the point where they put an ATM in the church.. wasn't this the same thing "Jesus" was speaking against???? I would never call you "evil", wicked or lost.. because my truth is not designed to tell you that.. those things are for the individual to figure out and how those terms relate to their situation... all the wise cracks..."In Living Color".. "Method Man Astral Plane"... water down intellectual meetings of minds both perusing a higher level (heavenly) of thinking and being.. and those that post comments with "LOL's" need not comment..because there is no room in the conversation for lower level thinkers..not mad at're just not ready to really get into these type of convo's.. "A witty comment does not mean a person is intelligent." With that said..I look forward to reading more of your interesting blog's.. you don't really appreciate good blogs until we really read what's out there.. I'll leave comments where I feel I have something to always.. peace and many blessings on your "heavenly" journey..may you find "your" truth...

Posted by February 4, 2009 - Wednesday - 10:21 PM

( ( ( S Dot ) ) )

Dude. seriously that comment was blog length. Is it just me people or are we all witnessing someone taking this just a little TOO seriously? Wow, you "others" really need to work on your sense of humor. When I was on the "other" team, I tell you... I definitely wasn't standing around commenting about sin, I was too busy out doing it. You're squandering that time you have left on this earth. This sounds wrong...but since you're not into my "Jesus" (Yahushua/Isa/Yeshua) or that "mystery" God I pray to, "boy get on out there back to earning your place in eternity." You youngin' can't even sin right. Why, I tell you. I was an O.G. of sin. I was a full-fledged hedonists. I've forgotten more sin than you can remember... Hey, the Holy Spirit (I know you don't really rock with Dude either) just hit me with this: I think that you really want to be on Team Elo-him, but you're just afraid to take a dip in the pool. Scaredy cat. It's okay. Girly man. Dude, I did. Wussy boy. And I can't even swim. It's only water. Trust me, you'll feel so much cleaner afterwards. No, I don't have my fingers crossed. We don't do that sort of thing around here. Oh, but wait you were talking about a lot of other important stuff in your comment. Dude I'm sorry, but I'm way too overjoyed about living blessed and abundantly favored to think on this earthly level. Wait...I'll try to focus. Ethiopians...Europeans. Blah, blah, blah. Nope, I'm not going to be able to. Sorry. But, thanks for the really long comment. I'll re-read it again later (wink, wink). I'm going to go dance with the Lord right now. And dude, I used to be a whorelock, so trust me I know that God can remix anyone. Yep, even you. C'mon get in this water. LOL.

Posted by ( ( ( S Dot ) ) ) on February 4, 2009 - Wednesday - 10:54 PM

Click by and read why The Mad Blogger is so mad, check out Thieves in the Temple

A Message to the Mad Blogger

Hey boyfriend (it’s sad I have to make this disclaimer put here it goes – no homo),

I thought I told you that God won't stop. Eh eh!!! It's okay if you're afraid to change buddy, but change is good. Aiight.

Your friend the 40-year old re-Virgin (1-4-3)

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