Saturday, June 6, 2009

Exposing the Game & Overcoming the Booty Excerpts

By S-Dot for The S-Dot Files

Here's an excerpt to get you motivated...until Exposing the Game debuts. Enjoy!

“I wasn’t addicted to sex; I was strung out on a desire for love.”

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THE ISOLATIONIST wants to sequester you away from those who exercise discretion and judgment. They sell you a dream of solitude to lure you away from others who can see through their falsehood. An advanced isolationist will make this all seem like your idea too.

Blurring the line is a process of placing prey under subjugation through a copulation technique called the ‘cuddle huddle’ that lulls them asleep. Done effectively, the intended person will lose their grip on actuality, becoming open to being reprogrammed with an alternate reality. They’ll see whatever the widow allows them to see. Hence, blurring the line of what’s really going on.

To accomplish this, a black widow learns how-to manipulate its prey sexually and increase their dependence on the oxytocin (commonly called the “love hormone” in women) released after stimulating encounters. Serotonin boning raises a partner’s levels during intimacy increasing the likelihood of turning a mark into a ‘Toby’.

The Other “O
Oxytocin zaps the heart and clobbers an unsuspecting partner over the head with sexually-induced amnesia.

Don’t isolate yourself. It’s important that you establish and sustain a network that affirms and supports your personal growth.

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And now a watch-n-learn clip from the Got Played Archives on the campus of UNC

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The S-Dot Files presents Exposing the Game: Learning How-to Stop Playing Yourself and OVERCOMING the BOOTY: Breaking the Sex Hex (RTK Communications, 2009).

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A relational mismatch is when you're seeking love and receiving lust. You desire certainty and you're left with insecurity.

How-to grow in your relationships
1. Identify your stumbling blocks
2. Develop a hurdle jumping strategy
3. Put it in practice
4. Proceed with caution

Don't run...It’s time to OVERCOME.
Meet 9ine this fall in the explosive book that took 40 years to live...and started a movement. Here's an excerpt from the ‘get-over-it’ guide that everyone will be pretending they’re not reading (wink, wink):

9ine with all her spiritual credentials and theological academic training, in the end was still a woman that was unwilling to be faithful to God’s promise of real love. She, like me, struggled with her flesh. Having been similarly conditioned to mistake physical affection for genuine interest, she became the aggressor in our relationship intimately. We spent a number of times together with me clawing her hands from my crotch or begging her, “Woman, you need to stop…” as she soul kissed me her delicious mouth.

Don’t think that I was entirely innocent either. I was kissing and fondling back. But what I needed at that point was someone to tell me, “No, you’ve got to go.” But, we were in GodSexy…that thang the world can’t and won’t understand.

Find out what happens...Labor Day Weekend...OVERCOMING the BOOTY it’s time to start Breaking the Sex Hex.

Get healed and be delivered.

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