Sunday, June 7, 2009

Today Was a Great Day!!!

By S-Dot for The S-Dot Files

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And now back to blogging...

Ever have one of those days that you know you'll remember fondly throughout your life? I had one of them today.

It wasn't one particular thing, but rather the culmination of several that made this day standout. Let's see...I got up and lollygagged around around until 1 p.m. Then I did laundry, which is always therapeutic for me. Nothing like clean underwear to make you feel all brand-new. LOL. Then I went home and got all swaggerific and spiffy in a two-piece, double-breasted suit, powder blue button down with french cuffs, some D&G Light Blue and my swags (shades) and it was on and poppin'. I was ready to go.

So, I met up with my attention-grabber (codename: "Eartha") on the subway, and we went to the Real Dads Network's Celebration of Black Fathers semi-formal dinner in Harlem. She was wearing a really cute black dress with a shawl and nice clutch. Her shoes were in her hand and she was wearing ballet shoes. She said, "When we get there, I can put these ballet shoes in my bag." Gangster! Of course, we arrived 45 minutes from the scheduled time, which was actually 15 minutes before the time it started. Which meant, we were able to go window shop on 125th for a few minutes and I got to watch her catwalk and simply be beautiful. She's quite a looker. Definitely different. Can't put my finger on why...but I'm enjoying this getting-to-know each other phase.

You know that tension and anticipation of knowing you're going to hang out with someone and you're self conscious of everything from your deodorant to your breath mints? Or maybe that's just me. LOL

Anyway, the awards ceremony was great. We were both talking about food en route, so we arrived hungry. Soon as we sat down she was like, "Ummm...they've got salad over there. I'm starving. I hope they're going to serve the food during the awards." I had to respect her steez. I love a woman that is not afraid to say she's hungry. LOL She kept it real talk. We tore that salad up, and it was kinda cool when she reached for and handed me a roll. That's when I realized, I haven't been out on a REAL date in a minute. LOL I stole a few glances at her. I busted her stealing some back. We smiled and visually flirted. She's got such a beautiful smile. I know I said that, but that woman could do a toothpaste commercial.

Then her leg touched mines under the table and I felt that jolt of electricity. Damn, I thought I was in the movie Grease, I could've sworn I heard somebody (okay it was my overactive imagination) say, "I got chills / they're multiplying / power / it's electrifying." As you can read, I clearly need to get out more...

Where was I? Okay, so brother John Amos of the classic tv show "Good Times" and the mini-series "Roots" was given a Lifetime achievement award tonight by my dude Derrick Phillips, Executive Director of the RDN. John Amos kept it real talk throughout his acceptance monologue. He shared some of his life's testimony. In particular, how his dad abandoned him when he was 2 years old, and his mom told him to grow up and be strong so he could find his dad and "whip his *ss." We were crying with laughter. John is hilarious. Then he shared how he later came to live with that very same dad and was honored to come to know him as a man. John said that the James Evans character was patterned after his own father, who was a man of integrity and stood up for his family, right or wrong. At one point, this accomplished writer, actor, producer and legend broke down in tears sharing portions of his life. It was touching to see and inspiring to witness.

These days...The John Amos Radio Show with co-host Terahshea McCray comes on daily from noon to 1 p.m. EST on featuring healthy lifestyle topics ranging from nutrition to exercise, click by and check it out. He's also starring in a Halley's Comet, a thought-provoking one man show directed by John Harris Jr. that takes the audience on a 76 year journey through the life experiences of a man looking back on everything from the ozone layer to the civil rights movement.

Also in the house was sister Terri M. Williams, author, advocate and media maverick whose portfolio of titles includes: Black Pain, A Plentiful Harvest, Stay Strong and Personal Touch. It's always a joy and inspiration to see this trailblazer in public relations. If you, or someone you know is suffering and struggling with depression, click by and check out what's new with this dynamic, passionate woman of purpose:

Finally, it was also great to listen to 16-year old singing sensation Najiyah Threatt's rousing rendition of "Hero." She's so talented and geniunely committed artist to honing her craft faithfully.

Well, that's enough sharing for now. Thanks for reading. Have a blessed day. Thanks to all my brothers from the Real Dads Network for yet another outstanding event.

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