Friday, October 16, 2009

When Real People Talk Fake People Walk

By S-Dot for The S-Dot Files

As you can see The BOOTY Call Show now has a swanky new logo thanks to a collab with my dude JQ from (good look).

It's great when you can call someone and tell them you need something and they say, "come through, let's get it done." Unlike the haters that always try to run your clock. They'll make promises like, "okay, I'll call you back..." and then you don't hear from until you leave them 3 messages and happen to bump into them someplace. Of course the first thing out of their mouth usually is, "...I got your messages..." which is probably why your mind wonders, "so if you got them, why the hell didn't you return them?" But nonetheless, you watch them fidget around and shift their weight to their right heel, while averting direct eye contact.

TRANSLATION: they're lying.

And it's not even like you're buying it, it's just that...I'm saying. I totally had a point in the beginning of this and then my fingers just kept typing as if I was speaking out loud. I'm not going to delete/edit this. I'm just going to leave it. You see when you're really doing you, you don't worry if others get it - you've got it. It's not that you're on your own d*ck, but rather you're not on anyone elses.

You feel me?

Okay, I've got a meeting to get to in 90 minutes, a show to do in 4 hours and I still don't know what I'm talking about. Imagine that... Hey, I may just play music. You never know. Anyway, tonight on The BOOTY Call Show is episode #12 and it's entitled, "Can We Talk?" This is inspired in part by my co-moderating a discussion next week at EBC. I'll definitely let you know how that goes... Here's the flyer.

Cool huh? Yep, so it's going to be real talk with singles and couples discussing the challenges of waiting, dating and mating in an open forum. I promise to not hog the mic and listen reflectively, exercise restraint and utilize discernment. Seriously, I do. No, seriously I do. LOL

Don't forget, tonight's the night on The BOOTY Call Show @ 10 p.m. - midnight.

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