Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Just because some call you unapproachable, doesn’t mean you’re not coachable.

By S-Dot for The S-Dot Files

Sometimes we become stagnant in our growth because we don’t reexamine our approach to personal development. We change people, places and things, but until we commit to change ourselves, we’ll keep ending up with the same results. Ask yourself: whose baggage am I carrying?

You’re a Pigeon
Keep it 100 – you’re no swan or dove, especially when surrounded by your bird brain entourage of cluck heads. “If you’re an eagle, stop hanging out with pigeons,” is what I tell singles that desire to get to the next-level in love + life.

You’re A Lemon Head
If people nicknamed your street Sour Patch Lane that’s an indicator that you need to stop being so bitter and focus on becoming better. The only one that want to hang out with misery is…misery.

You Talk Too Much
If you’re always talking that’s a telling sign you’re not a good listener. Sure we all can get chatty sometimes, but you have learn to appreciate having a Jodeci moment – Don’t talk…Just listen.

You’re A Ho
Hey, if that’s who and what you are – be and do you. However, someone that desires a housewife would be unwise to get involved with you will you’re still in your ho season exhibiting ho self-esteem.

Until next time…Be 100% authentically Y-O-U!

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