Monday, February 22, 2010

The Book of S-Dot

By S-Dot for The S-Dot Files

What's good Dot-seekers? Thanks for clicking by. Today, has been a very interesting day after a very productive (creative-wise) weekend. I sent out an e-mail to 40 of my peops in my "inner circle" reading group that I want to repost to share in this space since it's applicable to many of you as well.

For those who've clicked by The BOOTY Call Show and checked it out live or in the archives, thanks.

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Today, I recorded a 90-minute show reading excerpts from chapter one "Day One: Face the Mirror" from my eBook "Keeping It 100: Being Your Authentic Self" I would appreciate it if you could click by and download it from the archives (episode #43 entitled "The Book of S-Dot") to your desktop or iPod and share your feedback with me on the book. Also, please send an e-mail to and The Dot Team will add you to the database (no Spam from Shaam don't worry-LOL) and send you a FREE PDF version of chapter one within 7-10 days.

Yes, I did say FREE. That means no moolah. Absolutely FREE. Not a single cent. FREE!

I really appreciate your feedback and I specifically thought about making you part of this feedback experience because I value your opinion. This is NOT just another "blah, blah, blah" blog from "...talking about some crazy..." (as I'm sure you've said a time or two). Also, please feel free to repost/forward this to others as well so that advance word of mouth buzz can continue to build on the book (thanks).


Hey, even if you're reading this hating saying "who the hell does he think he is..." it's okay, we accept haters on the street team too (now that's real game). If you're hating me (perhaps you should start loving you, which is why you definitely need to starting Keeping It 100 today (nice pun, huh?), send this to your whole email address book ("he's got a lot of nerve"), text it ("ck this out"), update your FB and MS status ("hating on S-Dot's new book "Keeping It 100: Being Your Authentic Self"), tweet it, write a blog about it. Post a youtube clip on it. Tell your mail carrier about it. Whatever you do, just tell someone about it today. LOL

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