Friday, February 19, 2010

It''s All About That Benefits Baby!!!

By S-Dot for The S-Dot Files

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Keep it 100, is that a “friendship” or is it a “pretendship”?

"What y'all wanna do..." Do you have an "It's All About the Benefits Baby!" mindset when it comes to friendship where the only "benefit" seems to be you giving up or humping down the BOOTY? Does your phone only ring during off-peak hours? Tired of being "makeout takeout"? Has the neon glimmer of the limelight lost its soul glow? Sick of being a "strobelight honey"? Is being a "sugar daddy" no longer as appealing as it once was? Maybe you're ready for...CHANGE. Let's have REAL talk this Friday, February 19th @ 10 pm - midnight (EST) Join S-Dot & Friends call-in 347.308.8527

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The Rooster Report – S-Dot gives you a history of the Art of Roosterism

That’s Not Your Friend – Join us for a REAL talk about on “pretendships”

The Bobblehead Chronicles: Part 3 Absalom’s Revenge

Tonight’s show will feature music and audiobook clips as well. Tune in and join into the conversation.

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