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Jay-Z Makes People Ask “WTF!!!”

By S-Dot for The S-Dot Files

A virtuous woman of God sent me this link: Jay-Z’s “Run This Town” and the Occult Connections by Vigilant

I clicked by and read the scathing blog against Jay-Z and was not amazed. I’ve written similar sort of blogs about others in the past. During my days of being a “Pharisee” I made it my business to “out” everyone that I discerned in my own was not “of God.” This was in my case a form of self-idolatry. I placed myself in a position of not being someone in the bell tower, but rather a clanging symbol to distract others from the specks within my own eyes.

On of Jay-Z’s rapping peers Prodigy of the group Mobb Deep recently added this gasoline to the fire, “(Jay-Z) J.Z. knows the truth, but he chose sides with evil in order to be accepted in the corporate world. (Jay-Z) J.Z. conceals the truth from the black community and the world, and promotes the lifestyle of the beast instead,” he wrote in a handwritten letter to URB from the pen.

Rihanna throwing up the sign in question...

Jay-Z says the song is “evolution and the progress” and is about “putting your flag down” when you “put your flag in the top of the mountain.”

THE WATERBOY… “Bobby Jay-Z is the devil…he’s not the devil mama”

Is Jay-Z in league with the “hidden hands” of power? Some say his new video directed Anthony Mandler (of Rihanna’s “Disturbia” video) “We Run This Town” which features a spiked hair Damsel in Distress Rihanna and skinny jeans adorning Mr. Super Ego Kanye West is loaded with symbols and icons that suggest his affiliation with some shadowy figures. Is it true, or merely him capitalizing off of nosey people’s preoccupation with his socio-political affliations? You decide here’s a link that offers some thought-provoking commentary on the matter. Again, we don’t hold a specific opinion on this matter, we just think it’s quite interesting the level of fascination some have with the lives of others, and we’re of course using this as a reminder of the importance of each of us focusing on the Most High ourselves.

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The dark, hooded figures in this clip add an ominous backdrop to the visuals which I believe is done intentionally. Why? Young people are drawn to rebellion. Just look at the “little penguins” all around you wearing their skinny jeans uniforms in defiance to manhood by embracing androgyny as a fashion emblem. And of course there’s the “valley of dry bones” with young people’s fascination with gothic garb like from the interestingly named “Gnostic Wear” clothing line by Jim Jones of the Byrd Gang/Diplomats. People that are marketing savvy know how to exploit the impressionable minds of young people desirous of rebellious music, entertainment, clothing, video games, etc.

This is Hip Hop 101: Viral Angst Marketing

Anthems are big business in hip-hop. Movement music is what moves units. If you craft a platform that street families (gangs, etc.) can co-opt you have created a loyal audience that will purchase your clothing, music, video games, movies, etc. by the droves because it resonates with their group consciousness. That’s fitted Yankees cap becomes a “flag” for the local Crip set. Those fire engine red Reeboks become status emblems for the Bloods. We are an icon-driven generation, society and economy.

Video Vixens Ciara and Rihanna making a scene

When the logo (word) becomes flesh – that is power in motion. This is why it’s important that each of us is absolutely certain that we’re following the Most High and not merely those in high-fashion or who are high-minded with self-idolatry. Whatever your emblem, logo, etc. recognize that God is God, period!

Every street family has a “Run this Town” mentality that fuels them to action. They desire to be seen and heard. Most of them form these families because they are disenfranchised and ostracized by those who hide out in communities of faith acting all “spiritual” and “spooky” pointing fingers while casting downward glares on them.

The logo in question...

REWIND…When Jay brought Oprah to Brooklyn he was carrying a book by Eckhart Tolle who is one of Oprah’s favorite authors. He’s sported tees with the caption “Do What Thou Wilst” which is a term popularized by Aleister Crowley, the reformer of the O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orientis) whose motto and dictum was “Do what Thou Wilt”.

‘Next time in church…please no photos” – Kanye

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Here’s my response to my concerned friend:
Hey Woman of God,

That's pretty interesting. Having run in the same behind-the-scenes circles with Jay since high school, I find this disturbing if it proves to be accurate; and hateful if it's merely someone with too much time on their hands and a speck in their eye casting stones. Either way, ultimately the Most High will judge him and each of us. I think that the most effective evangelical tool is to actually personify the character of Christ, not merely misuse the Bible out of context to persecute others with couch potato speculation. Perhaps my skepticism is rooted in the reality that this same man once stopped me from pulling out a pistol and firing at someone over a dispute with them trying to play me for my ex. So, with that in mind, I guess my opinion of Shawn Corey Carter, who folks call Jay-Z, Beyonce's hubby, LuLu's son is one of utter amazement at the level of scrutiny he has been subjected to for sharing his testimony, his truth with the world. Imagine if those who claim to actually have a relationship with the Most High actually lived and shared their truth with equal and great authenticity? Imagine that. Imagine if those of us in the holier-than-thou Houses of the Faithful & Grateful where we slap holy high-fives actually rolled up our sleeves and went out into the streets and invited the uninvited into the Banquet to be in the Presence of the Most High. Imagine that...indeed. So, when I hear, see and read things like this they serve as reminders of how important it is for me to be a living example of a man of purpose and not just another "mad blogger" that isn't advancing the movement of introducing peopel to the Most High with real talk, by walk real walk.

Thanks for the thought-provoking blog. In fact, I think I'll even share it with folks tonight (no names of course, I have a no snitching policy - lol). Have an outstanding day sis and remember the best way to see a blessing is to actually be a blessing. Let's reflect the love of Christ in our words, actions and deeds because it doesn't matter who's watching matter who's watching all of us...G.O.D.

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Let's live it!!!

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Anonymous said...

I am writing a book on this stuff too, and I believe that the generation, like me, that grew up in this, is now waking up from the demonic takeover in hip hop. I can't believe how demonic the On to the Next one video is.