Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Do Something!!!

By S-Dot for The S-Dot Files

In response to the overwhelming outpouring of support for the support of the FREE APRIL GRIFFIN movment here are a few information links for you to DO SOMETHING!!!

Here's links to the Time Magazine articles Keep in mind that this reporters account is from the perspective of the officers and he DID NOT interview April or her family, although he claimed a retraction would be printed to clarify the details. We're still waiting...

TIME MAGAZINE 10/8/08 Article: Sad End to Milwaukee Child Custody Case

TIME MAGAZINE 12/19/07 Article: When Motherhood Gets You Jail Time Pt 1

TIME MAGAINZE 12/19/07 Article: Choosing Jail Over Joint Custody Pt 2

Contact: Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D-Wisc): 4043 N 19th Place, Milwaukee, WI 53209-6806 (Milwaukee-Waukesha, WI Metro Area), P: 414.444.6160

Amplify the volume of this effort and make your opinions known by calling Senator Moore who has sadly been silent on this. She's been aware of this effort for the last 2 years and done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and was quite suprised to begin receiving calls yesterday. Let's turn up the heat people - FREE APRIL GRIFFIN!!!

Let us pray: We call upon the Spirit of Liberation to shine the beacon of truth at this hour of darkness. We call upon the Spirit of Righteousness to loosen the ties that bind our sister April Griffin from the snares of her enemies known and unknown. O’ Holy Spirit indwell our sister with the strength and fortitude to endure the cowardly attacks of her oppressors. Rise up O’ Spirit within her to give her the courage to continue to not just fight, but to prevail over adversity.

Sister Ieshuh has been proactive in getting feeding the grassroots initiatives to bring awareness to the plight of FREE APRIL GRIFFIN to the forefront of conversation. Sister Ieshuh is actively engaged in the struggle of liberation beyond merely hiding behind the fa├žade of activism. She is in the crosshairs of the efforts to FREE APRIL GRIFFIN!

Link with the FREE APRIL GRIFFIN movement: www.freeaprilgriffin.ning.com
E: freeaprilgriffin@yahoo.com | DO SOMETHING TODAY!!!

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