Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is Your Mama a Ho?

By S-Dot for The S-Dot Files

WTF NEWS: Dallas Cowboy’s first round draft pick Dez Bryant was asked by Miami Dolphin GM Jeff Ireland if his mother was a “prostitute” because she conceived him as a teen and spent 18-months incarcerated on drug-related charges. WTF!

In my hood, if you go in on somebody’s mama like that you’ll get chin-checked.

According to sports commentator Skip Bayless, “no question is out of bounds,” because “these franchises are risking millions and millions of dollars on these kids.” Isn’t a “kid” a young goat? WTF!

( ( ( sDOTtv ) ) ) now playing Dez Bryant “From the Auction Block (Draft)”

Why is it necessary to continually make reference to his “upbringing” as if because he’s had a hardknock struggle that means he should be “extra” thankful that they’re going to make millions off him playing ball on their damn plantation!

Interestingly enough, while commuting this week I overheard an Anglo-Saxon remark to a Black woman on the subway about her child, “He looks like he’s very strong. He’ll probably grow up and play basketball or football. Look at those calves and arms on him. Yes, he’s a natural born athlete.”

Of course he didn’t expect me to ask, “Why can’t he grow up to be an engineer, doctor or college professor?” The look on his face was priceless when the mother said, “Yes, why can’t he?” WTF!

He quickly got up and exited the train at the next stop without saying another word.

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